Kelvin Leek has extensive experience with a broad range of controllers ranging from four stations up to large commercial systems with hundreds of stations.

He has experience with traditional timer based controllers, web based reticulation controllers and commerial two wire systems.

For most domestic situations our preferred controllers are the Rain Bird ESP-RZX controller. These controllers are competitively priced, easy to use and program. So far we have never had a controller failure unlike some other leading brands.

We are brand autonomos and will supply you with the best controller based on your needs and budget. We do not receive or request vendor incentives to promote a particular product.

Our top tip for your controller is to ensure its mounted in a shady, weather protected location and to keep the cover securely closed. Sun and water ingression are the primary reasons for controller failure.

Western Australia Watering Days

Watering can be set to automatic for your two watering days as listed below from 1 September through to 31 May each year.

If you have a bore you get an additional day which is shown in brackets.

1. Wednesday and Saturday (Monday)
2. Sunday and Thursday (Tuesday)
3. Monday and Friday (Wednesday)
4. Tuesday and Saturday (Thursday)
5. Sunday and Wednesday (Friday)
6. Monday and Thursday (Saturday)
7. Tuesday and Friday (Sunday)
8. Wednesday and Saturday (Monday)
9. Sunday and Thursday (Tuesday)
0. Monday and Friday (Wednesday)


Kelvin Leek is Mandurah's leading reticulation expert.

on 0478 597 716.

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