Trust Kelvin Leek to plan and install your reticulation system.

Trust us to install your irrigation system, it's a major investment that needs to be done correctly first time. We have in place a quality project management system to manage the whole process for initial quote through to a health-check a month after system installation. Our principal is a qualified project manager.

Following your initial phone call, we will use satellite mapping tools to get an overview of your house, lawn and gardens, which complements our tacit knowledge of your suburb. For example, different suburbs have different soil types and water pressure.

We then arrange a time to meet you on-site to discuss your requirements and walk around the site. During this discussion we will take the time to understand what plants and lawn variety you have or are planning. We will also undertake a flow and pressure check to determine the available water. We also take into account the amount of water and pressure guaranteed by the Water Corporation. If you are planning to install a bore, we can refer you to the region's expert bore installer. We prefer to refer you to him rather than add additional cost by sub-contracting and adding on-costs. We are happy to work with the bore installer to determine the most suitable pump specification.

We will discuss the preferred location for the reticulation controller and provide advice on which controllers may be suitable for your needs. There are a large variety of controllers on the market that have a variety of features. Controllers can be either hard-wired (by a licenced electrician) or connected via an outdoor power point (GPO). We know a number of trusted local and affordable licenced electricians. Have a look at a controller page for further information.

We will also determine where your water meter is located and the best location for the "cut-in". The cut-in needs to be undertaken by a licensed plumber and is required to have a back-flow connector installed. We know a number of trusted local and affordable licenced plumbers.

We will take you through the choices of sprinklers on the market. This is one part of your system that you do not want to try and save money on. We understand you can buy $1 sprinklers but from experience we know they are built to a price and will soon fail due to inferior quality. A good sprinkler will last for a long time and come with a range of nozzles. Most of our sprinklers and nozzles come with a five year warranty. The sprinkler is the part of the system that predominantly determines if your system is water efficient. Cheap sprinklers tend to spray a lot of water quickly which results in water pooling and evaporation. Our sprinkler page has more detailed information.

Generally garden beds are watered with a variety of "micro nozzles". These nozzles come in various forms and our recommendation will depend on the plants you have or are intending to install. Again inappropriate nozzles will result in a high level of misting which is picked up by the breeze and taken from where it belongs.

We will also discuss your requirements for top dressing your lawns after digging. The process of trenching lawns is stressful for the lawn and one of the best ways to help it along is to top-dress with a special soil which contains organic matter.

If you do not yet have your lawn installed, we are able to provide quotes for this as well. We have a wholesale account with one of the major lawn growers and can obtain a discount as well as guaranteed supply. If you are installing lawn, always make sure your reticulation is installed and working correctly first. New lawn requires watering several times per day and cannot easily be accomplished by hand.

If you want to save some money, we support customer's performing the digging. If you wish to do this, we will provide you with a plan on where to trench and the required depth.

Once we have a good understanding of your requirements and budget, we go back to our office and prepare a detailed proposal using our computerised software. The proposal will document the plan and a detailed quote breaking down each component One of the important things at this stage is correctly sizing the pipes for your system. If the pipes are too small, the system will not last and will have water hammer which will damage the system over time.

The proposal will be forwarded via email and we will follow up with a text just in case it's made its way into your junk folder.

If you are happy with the proposal, we require a deposit transferred to our bank account at least 24 hours prior to starting. This will be documented on the proposal.

The day before installation we request that you water the area to be trenched. This helps the lawn with the trauma of being dug, and also helps the sand to bind and minimises the risk of trenches collapsing.

Most installations are completed in a day. The day following we will return and flush the system to eradicate any dirt and debris, install the sprinkler nozzles and program the controller. We will walk you through the system and make sure you have all the required instruction manuals to get the best out of your system.

To make sure your system is working well, we do a complimentary health check in 30 days, or at the start of spring if the system is installed over winter.

Kelvin Leek is Mandurah's leading reticulation expert.

on 0478 597 716.

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