Trust Kelvin Leek to repair your reticulation system.

We welcome your call for us to attend and repair or adjust your current reticulation system. No job is too big or too small.

We do not charge a call-out fee but we do have a minimum charge of one hour's labour ($90 plus GST) plus any materials required. Our pricing is fair and we are experts at what we do. We generally do not quote repairs as we need to spend time to diagnose the problem before undertaking remediation. After the first hour we will discuss if more work is required and provide an estimate.

Our most common repair is the servicing or replacement of your valves. The valves or solenoids are the "electric taps" of your system. The are activated via a magentic coil (solenoid) which opens the internal diaphragm to enable water to pass. If the diaphragm has perished or has dirt around it's seal it will not work and will be always open. This is normally the cause of the call that starts with "the back station is always running". The other way solenoids fail is by not turning on. This is generally an electrical problem which might be a faulty solenoid coil or a broken wire. We have specialised equipment to locate and trace the solenoid and the wires attached to it. As a guide a replacement solenoid is between $150 and $200. Sometimes there are significant tree roots that need to be cut out which may increase the cost.

Another common call-out is for issues with the reticulation controller. Sometimes, its a simple matter of re-programming the controller or replacing the fuse. Other times there has been water ingression which has damaged the controller. We can also upgrade your controller to provide wifi support and remote access.

We are able to upgrade your current system to be more water efficient by replacing the nozzles on your sprinklers. If your sprinklers are old, it is worthwhile replacing the sprinklers and the nozzles together. Unfortunately dirt is the enemy of reticulation systems. Sprinklers have in-built wiper seals to protect the body. Generally the cheaper the sprinkler the less effective this seal is. Upgrading to water efficient sprinklers can save you around 30% of your water bill for the reticulation. Given the current cost of water, this makes a lot of sense.

Each problem is different, but with our extensive knowledge and experience, you can be assured that we can fix your problem at a fair price.

Kelvin Leek is Mandurah's leading reticulation expert.

on 0478 597 716.

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